Previous Students

I have previously supervised 14 Master’s students (including 5 co-supervisions) and 4 Ph.D. students (including 1 co-supervision) at Ryerson University, all of whom successfully defended their thesis. Details on my previous students are provided in the table below.


Name Degree Program Thesis Title Co-Supervisor Graduation
A. Wycher MASc. EnSciMan The Greening of the Warehouse Industry in Ontario N/A 2016
J. Dell’Aquila MASc. EnSciMan The Use of Indicators in Corporate Sustainability Reports by Corporations Operating in the Canadian Oil Sands Industry A. Fung 2016
J. Pryshlakivsky Ph.D. EnSciMan The Effects of Temporality and Spatiality Due to Aged Data in Life Cycle Assessments N/A 2015
P. Ahi Ph.D. Industrial Engineering Sustainability Analysis and Assessment in Supply Chains N/A 2014
A. Gurtu Ph.D. Industrial Engineering A Framework for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Carbon Pricing for Offshore Outsourcing Operations M.Y. Jaber 2014
I. Stankovic MASc. EnSciMan Corporate Social Responsibility in the Building Sector N/A 2014
O. Morali Ph.D. EnSciMan Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Canadian Corporations N/A 2013
C. Brown MASc. EnSciMan Environmental Management in the Film and Television Production Industry M. Bardecki 2013
A. Kozlowski MASc. EnSciMan Corporate Social Responsibility in the Apparel Industry: A Multiple Case Study Analysis M. Bardecki 2013
R. Buslovich MASc. EnSciMan An Inventory and Analysis of Sustainable Food System Projects Implemented at Canadian Universities N/A 2012
P. Moore MASc. EnSciMan Reducing the Carbon Footprint at an Electric Utility N/A 2012
D. Beare MASc. EnSciMan Development of a Template to Benchmark Municipal Climate Change Action B. Fleet 2012
J. Ntakrah MASc. EnSciMan Sustainability Assessment of Oil Exploitation in Ghana C. Gore 2011
B. Jamshidy MASc. Industrial Engineering A Dual Factors Decision Making Model in Green Manufacturing N/A 2011
A. Jami MASc. EnSciMan Applying the Principles of Six Sigma to Environmental Management Systems N/A 2011
D. Elkhawas MASc. EnSciMan The Use of Sustainability Indices in Canadian Corporations: A Case Study of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index N/A 2011
D. Spence MASc. EnSciMan Reducing Chloride Corrosion of Stainless Steel in the Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Industry N/A 2011
L. Roca MASc. EnSciMan The Use of Sustainability Indicators in Canadian Corporate Sustainability Reporting N/A 2011


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