New Papers Published in October 2013

I have had three new papers published in October 2013:

  1. Morali, O. and Searcy, C. (2013), “A Review of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices in Canada”, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 117, No. 3, pp. 635-658 | Available online: 
  2. Asif, M., Searcy, C., Zutshi, A., and Fisscher, O.A.M. (2013), “An Integrated Management Systems Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 56, pp. 7-17 | Available online: 
  3. Pryshlakivsky, J. and Searcy, C. (2013), “Fifteen Years of ISO 14040: A Review”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 57, pp. 115-123 | Available online:  

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