Corporate Partners

I am interested in conducting joint research projects with corporate partners in the areas of corporate sustainability measurement, management, and reporting. These projects would generally involve graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels.

Projects can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of corporate partners. A variety of funding mechanisms are available to leverage any cash or in-kind contributions from corporate partners.

Some examples of research projects I have completed with corporate partners include:

  • Measuring sustainability in the supply chain (TD Bank and Ontario Power Generation)
  • Reducing the carbon footprint at an electric utility (Hydro One)
  • A sustainable development indicator design process for an electric utility (Manitoba Hydro)
  • Battery energy storage systems for the mining sector (Electrovaya)
  • Implementing a quality management system at a manufacturing company (Liehberr)

Further information for interested corporate partners is available in the SRG Brochure. Please contact me for further details on potential research partnerships.

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